Expedition Leader’s Program

Let me work with you one on one as your guide as you pursue your dreams of reaching your business summit. Together we will combine our creative skills to find ways to grow your business by setting valid goals, doing an in-depth analysis of where you are now, and developing a strategic plan for getting you to where you want to go.

  • You will grow your business by pursuing the clients that will make you more profitable.
  • You will have better life balance by using better time management tactics and proven business tactics designed specifically for you.
  • You will be working with an experienced accountability partner that has only your interest in mind and that will hold you accountable for doing the things that will drive your success.

What Will the Program Cover?

  1. Create Your Vision. Create a vision of what you would like your business and personal life to look like 3 – 5 years ahead.
  2. Define Your Identity. By clearly and concisely answering the questions defining your who, what, how, and why, you are better able to position yourself more clearly in the minds of your clients, prospects and referral sources.
  3. Establish Annual Goals. Establish 12-month goals that meed the valid goal tests that will take you in the direction of your vision.
  4. S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis Exercise. Going through the process of openly assessing your strengths and weaknesses you identify those areas of strength where you should focus your efforts, while assessing the areas of weakness that may hinder you. At the same time, by identifying the internal and external opportunities and threats, you can develop strategic and tactical plans to take advantage of the opportunities and prepare for the potential threats.
  5. Review Your Process. Processes help the entrepreneur consistently perform the critical functions of the organization.   Key functions should be identified and processes be designed to ensre all critical steps ae taken consistently. All the processes should be  in sync and and create a synergy within the total operation.
  6. Select Your Target Market. Choose a target market with distinct characteristics that you will serve.
  7. Develop Strategic and Tactical Plans. This is an opportunity to use your creative juices, brainstorming to develop strategic plans that will get your products and services to your target market(s) and developing tactical plans or action steps that will drive those strategic plans.
  8. Team Building. High achievement can be realized only if all members of the team, including outside providers to whom work is resourced, are competent and understand and have bought into the mission, vision and their individual role.
  9. Measurement & Accountability. What will you measure? Who will be your accountability partner encouraging you and challenging you to follow the plan and achieve new heights?
  10. Celebrate. Celebrate your achievements by establishing milestones along the way to your goals and identify your rewards in advance for achieving those milestones. We need to acknowledge and celebrate our successes more often!
  11. Recycle Through The Process. Keep going back through the various stages in the process, looking for opportunities to fine tune and improve. High achievement can only be obtained through continuous improvement.
  12. Efficient Energy Output. Develop a process that enables you to focus on the important and minimizes the distractions you face every day.


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King’s Guide to the Summit

Why Coaching?

By working with me as your coach, as your partner as you climb the mountain of high achievement, you should expect some , if not all of the following outcomes:

  • Take your business to a higher level
  • Develop strong marketing strategies
  • Develop or improve processes that will help you take your business to the next level while maintaining or improving life balance
  • Stay focused on doing the critical actions that will lead you to success
  • Have a time management process that will reduce the pressure of when and how to wear all the hats required as a sales professional and small business owner
  • Be better at what you do so you will be among the high achievers
  • Have a higher level of self confidence


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