What Getting Outdoors Has Taught Me About Business Success

Hiking and kayaking are two of my greatest passions. So much worth seeing in the world isn’t visible from a highway or on TV. You have to put in some effort, either on foot or by paddle. But these dual hobbies have taught me important lessons about life in general, and specifically about business success.

Getting Started Is The Hard Part

When you’re beginning something big, the decision to just get started often proves the most difficult part of the process. Generally speaking, we don”t need more reasons to play it safe and stay on the couch. That comes naturally. What we do need is the discipline to begin. Sometimes it’s the payoff of a peaceful journey down a river, great views from the top of a mountain peak, or the satisfaction of reaching a sales goal or developing a new line of business. Anything worth achieving is tough, but if it’s a goal worth reaching, there’s no getting there unless you begin.

When It Gets Tough, Remember The Payoff

Experiencing an incredible mountain vista means you have to climb the mountain to get there. Standing at the top and admiring the view is the most glamorous part of the entire process. What’s not as glamorous is the rough terrain, the steep inclines, and mosquito family reunion you meet along the trail. Achieving a business goal involves the same hard work. The way forward is hard —long hours and tough decisions are involved. But the goal is worth it. When you start feeling the burn, remind yourself of where you’re going and how sweet it will be to get there. It won’t make the tree roots across the train disappear or the long days get shorter, but it will give you the needed motivation to keep one foot moving in front of the other.

Talk To Someone Who Has Been Where Your Going

Trip reports and topo maps are great, but there’s no replacing talking with someone who’s hiked or paddled the route you’re headed. They know where the map is a bit off, where the best put-in and take-out spots are, and where the best place for an overnight is. They know all this because they’ve already been where you’re going. The same holds true in business. Talk to people who have already experienced success, ask them to mentor you and help you reach some of the same goals they already have. There’s no replacing the first-hand knowledge and advice of people who have already completed that part of the journey.

Exploring the outdoors can be an incredible means of learning about yourself and gaining life lessons you’re just not going to pick up reading a book.

Published on July 14th, 2015 in Blog

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