5 Toxic Beliefs That Keep You From Success

What you say to yourself has a big impact on your ability to perform. If you’re telling yourself negative things that aren’t true, you’re keeping yourself from fulfilling your true potential. If, on the other hand, you tell yourself positive things that reflect truth, you empower yourself to perform at your peak.

Here are 5 toxic statements that people often internalize that hold them back from achieving success.

  • “I have to be perfect,” or “My work has to be perfect.” There’s a big difference between being conscientious, doing high-quality work, versus perfectionism. No one is perfect, and trying to achieve perfection keeps us from forward movement — because we’re afraid to fail. Instead, we should focus on doing our best. If and when we fail, we’ll learn from that failure and improve. Life is about continual improvement.
  • “Life is out of my control.” Some people have an exaggerated sense of destiny. They believe there’s nothing they can do to change their circumstances, and they must simply wait for providence to smile on them before they become successful. But the reality is that success requires hard work. Yes, some things in life are out of our control, but we can take the hand we’re dealt and make the best of it. And that best may be more than anyone ever thought possible.
  • “I don’t deserve success.” It’s possible to self-sabotage your success, if you believe you aren’t worth it or you don’t deserve it. But the truth is that every person on earth has inherent value because life is valuable. Yes, you may have made mistakes in the past, as we all have. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy to achieve.
  • “Because it’s this way now, it will always be this way.” When we’re going through times of struggle, it sometimes feels like we’ll continue experiencing the struggle indefinitely. But rough patches smooth out and lean times grow fatter as we work toward our goals. We need to remind ourselves that what’s happening now isn’t forever, and we just need to hang on and keep pursuing.
  • “If I could just ____________.” Fill in the blank. Not have to deal with competition. Hire more help. Find the perfect solution. An ideal world would be nice, but nobody lives in one. We all have challenges to overcome and situations that aren’t what we’d like. Successful people know that they don’t need everything to be perfect, they just need to do the best they can with what they have and continue to work their strategic plan.

What beliefs do you find yourself struggling with? What’s keeping you from achieving your potential?

Published on April 14th, 2015 in Blog

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