Don’t Let Tolerations Drag You Down

Tolerations are those things on our list of things to do that never seem to get done. The list may be written down or they may be in the back of our mind. But we are aware of them. They range from major projects that may take hours or even days to those 5-10- minute projects we never seem to get around to, such as fixing a taillight or patching the screen door.

Regardless of size, they all have the same impact. Because they are constantly on our mind, they keep us from giving 100% focus on the project at hand. Can you think of any?

It’s helpful to separate out and write down all those things that are tolerations on your list. It is common for a person to come up with well over 100 of them. Now that you have your list, categorize each toleration in order of importance, urgency, and impact.

Then review the list. Are there are some items on the list that have been there for too long and you know you won’t ever do? Scratch them off! When you have narrowed down the list to the things that you truly need to get done, pick 1-5 items per week that you will tackle and accomplish. Plan when during the week you will get to them and put them on that day’s task list.

Don’t think about anything else on the tolerations list until the next week. Then repeat the process. As you complete tasks, scratch them off. As new tasks surface, add them to the list and assign a rating.

Before you know it, your list will be gone, and you can stay focused on what really matters.

Published on February 2nd, 2015 in Blog

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