Need to Save Time? Delegate.

Delegation is defined as “giving up responsibility to someone else; the giving of power, responsibility, or work to someone else.”

It seems so easy, but it’s not for many people. The hardest part of delegating is letting go. “Nobody else can do it as well as I can.” “It will probably take me an hour to show someone how to do a ten-minute job. It makes more sense for me to do it.”

The real reasons many find it hard to delegate are:

  • We don’t have the proper staff to delegate to.
  • By keeping in important things, we can feel indispensable.
  • We are in the habit of doing it.

What to Delegate

As you analyze your time log, or if you will make a list of all the tasks you do, ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my time?” If the answer is no, begin the process of delegating it to someone else. Another question to ask yourself is, “Should this task be done at all?” If the answer is “no,” stop doing it altogether.

How to Delegate

  • Don’t micromanage. Remember, it is good leadership to check up on how a task is proceeding; however it is not good to check up on a person.
  • Allow questions but ask for their suggestions before you give the answer.
  • Do not delegate a task because you don’t like to do it.
  • Make sure the person has the right skills, tools, and authority.
  • Take the time to train a person to do the ten-minute task, if the task is handled repeatedly.
  • Let go!
Published on January 27th, 2015 in Blog

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