What’s your Vision for 2014?

I was thinking of my granddaughter spending her 4th birthday at Disney World this week. It reminds me of the awesomeness and wonder of Disney and what it is and what it stands for – good clean, wholesome family fun. I think of its opening many years ago and the way it has grown, adding theme parks such a Epcot and The Animal Kingdom, adding new shows and rides while improving old shows and rides. Disney has kept the same mission and values while continually improving the product. How did Disney World happen?

It started with Walt Disney’s vision long before his death. He didn’t get to see the opening product ( I didn’t say finished product because after over 30 years, it’s still not finished.). His brother, Roy Disney has been quoted saying thatWalt saw Disney World every day in his mind. His strong vision of Disney World and his ability to get others to buy into that vision caused it to happen even after his death.

How about your business, your career, your relationships. Do you have a vision of what they will look like in the future?  Do you have a plan that will bring the vision to fruition?  

Published on May 21st, 2010 in Blog

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  • A long term vision is crucial. The problem is that too many people try to nail down every piece of the plan before moving forward. A good vision sees the grand direction and recognizes that the details must be filled in closer to the time of execution. I have always stated that traditional three-year business plans don’t work because we have no clue what is coming down the road six months from now. BUT, we have to know where we are headed or we will end up no where. A road map points you in the right direction without telling you about every pothole or gas station along the way. You encounter them when they are nearby and needed.

  • Harry says:

    Thanks for the comment. And I do agree. The key, I think, is to keep the long term vision in front of you and as you prepare your annual goal, make sure your annual plan will take you in the direction of your vision. It is also a good test for a good decision – if I make this decision, will it get me closer to my vision, or will it be a distraction?

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